What we do



Q Plastics purchases surplus stocks, waste materials and residuals of plastics.


Every production process yields waste materials, residuals and surplus stocks. We are more than happy to purchase them from you at favourable conditions. Leaving your warehouse safe from surplus stock at a good price. 

Q Plastics takes care of the process from packaging to transportation. We can organise this one-off or on our a regular basis allowing you to optimise the flow of raw materials in your production process. Q Plastics makes sure that your production process checks the cradle-to-cradle standards in your industry. 


More Information

Feel free to reach out to us by phone +31-20-888-4253 or e-mail, for more information on selling your surplus stock to us. 



E-mail: info@q-plastics.com
Tel: +31 20 888 4253

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