What we do



Q Plastics is supplier of granulates at a good value for money. We are the partner of PRO-Plast in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.


PRO-Plast Kunststoff GmbH is the most renowned raw materials supplier in Germany with a sales catalogue, the 'Gelbe Liste' (Yellow List) that keeps stock of more than 3.000 materials. All materials are deliverable directly from stock. Have a look at for the most up to date stock information. 


Q Plastics regular stock

Due to our large international network we are able to provide a few raw materials of regranulates. We maintain a regular stock of compounds in ABS and PPCP that can be deployed in the injection moulding process

We also supply other raw materials. Please reach out to us for an custom made offer, including transport.


More information

Fee free to reach out to us by phone +31-20-888-4253 or e-mail, for more information on buying raw materials. 



E-mail: info@q-plastics.com
Tel: +31 20 888 4253

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